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YEPI Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

Where Social Entrepreneurs + Change Makers and Technologist + Innovation meet. Held every year, #YESmombasa2021 is a one-day summit for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, corporate and government leaders who are committed to support and develop an entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mombasa, the second most populous city in Kenya.


The event will feature unique learning and networking opportunities to showcase innovation, social impact and collaboration in the Kenya’s only port city.


At #YESMombasa2020, there will be a direct interaction between businesses and customers integrated into the summit.

Interactive Pitching Competition

An opportunity for young entrepreneurs to pitch their startup to a panel of esteemed judges. Judges will positively critique ideas, provide suggestions, and decide on a winning idea.

Inspiring Panel Discussions

Learn from industry leaders and influencers who are leading change in their industries on successful business development for micro, small & medium.

The yepi soko

Where corporates and entrepreneurs can showcase and sell their innovative products and services during an exclusive exhibition to around 200 expected attendees.

sector breakout session

Participants will be divided into 5 breakout sessions focused on Entrepreneurship; Environment; Education; Health; and Blue Economy.


The Summit will engage short plenary sessions with industry leaders from both private and public sector across Africa.

2020 FEATURED Keynote Speakers

Over 30 speakers and panelist covering Entrepreneurship, Technology and Leadership


#YESMombasa2020 features a dynamic line up of local and international leaders and influencers who are steering change in their industries on successful business development for micro, small & medium enterprises. Hear their inspiring stories and learn best practices in today’s business environment.   

Immy Julie, Founder, Mkazipreneur..jpg

Immy Julie

Founder, Mkazipreneur

Dansean Mugambi Founder, Dankiz Arts Ltd

Dansean Mugambi

Founder, Dankiz Arts Ltd

Carol Odera, Founder, WISE Kenya..JPG

Carol Odera

Founder, WISE Kenya

George Khisa, YALI Regional Cordinator,

George Khisa

YALI Regional Cordinator, USAID Kenya

Joel Karubiu, CEO Kenya Network Informat

Joel Karubiu

CEO Kenya Network Information Center

Amani Katana, Executive Director, Youth

Amani Katana

Executive Director, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 18.34.00.png

Bianca Dönicke

Head of European Continuous Improvement & Sustainability, Haworth, Germany

Mahmoud Noor, Patron Swahilipot Hub.jpg

Mahmoud Noor

Patron Swahilipot Hub

Alice Gugulev, Managing Director GDI, Af

Alice Gugulev

Managing Director GDI Africa

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 18.56.00.png

Othman Mujahid

CVE Expert & Motivational Speaker

Judy Maingi, Portfolio Manager, TechBrid

Judy Maingi

Portfolio Manager, TechBridge Investment

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 18.54.05.png

Osman Varwani

Founder & CEO Innovus Group

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 18.59.12.png

Sharon Barang'a

Journalist NTV Kenya, Co-Founder Uriel's Mission

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 18.42.16.png

Mohamed Gharib

Researcher & Entrepreneur Co-Founder Uhired-Me

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 18.35.47.png

Heidi Mumia

Public Servant, SME Advisor and Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Mentor

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