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Each year, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative, hosts the YEPI Entrepreneurship Summit bringing together 250 social entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, corporate, government leaders, business development service providers and change makers who are committed to Harnessing Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Coast Region.

The Summit will enable participants to Converge, Network and Learn unique skills and best practices in today’s business environment, and identify and leverage opportunities for business from both private and public sector players. At the same time, the Summit is a perfect opportunity for people from all over Kenya and beyond to see and experience not only a newly revitalised and transforming Mombasa—which is thanks to booming tourism and a wave of development as a result of devolution factors and other stimulus measures—but also the wide-ranging unique, learning and networking opportunities that will showcase innovation, social impact and collaboration among youth in the Kenya’s only port city.

On the 8th of February 2020, YEPI will host its Fourth Annual Entrepreneurship Summit from 8.00am – 5.00pm at Sai Rock Beach Hotel and Spa in Mombasa Kenya.

“The Summit is part of our efforts to nurture and support not just an entrepreneurial ecosystem among youth in Mombasa, but also to provide real-world skills, best business practices, mentorship and connections to help these highly motivated youths succeed,” says YEPI Founder / Executive Director, Amani Katana.


During the summit, selected youth will compete against their peers and present their businesses to a panel of esteemed judges followed by 5 minutes for question and answer session. Judges will positively critique ideas, provide suggestions and decide the winner. The winner will win in-kind support from YEPI and Partners. Delegates may register here to participate in the summit by January 21, 2020.

We invite partners from the private sector, public sector and development agencies to collaborate on this innovative framework focused on entrepreneurship and impact to drive sustainable development in Kenya. The YEPI Entrepreneurship Summit is a perfect opportunity to support Mombasa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem while promoting your company to over 250 expected attendees at #YESmombasa2020.

The #YESMombasa2020 is a flagship program of YEPI aimed at enabling economic opportunities for youth and women hence addressing unemployment, poverty and violent extremism in the Coast Region of Kenya. YEPI is not affiliated with any political party or entity, and is guided by the personal values of the Founders, including a belief in the importance of enabling economic opportunities for young people and pursuing innovative approaches to community problems. Now in its 4th year, YEPI has directly empowered 1015 young people through its 3 flagship programs (SEED, GSC and STALMP) and has increased access to mentorship to over 3000 young people.

For more information on YESMombasa2020, visit: Interested media should contact YEPI at or 0715450250.