Meet the 2022 Class of the Governors Startup Challenge!

After an intense three months recruitment process that attracted over 155 applications from over 15 counties in Kenya, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI) is excited to announce the 10 Finalists for the 2022 Governors Startup Challenge. Meet these inspiring social entrepreneurs, innovators, and problem solvers from around the coast region of Kenya and beyond.

These young entrepreneurs represent some of the best and brightest startups in Kenya and they have what it takes to solve the world’s most pressing issues. They take nothing for granted and pursue big ambitions.

Entrepreneur’s Name: Queentah Wambulwa

Business Name: Ressa Organics

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “I am committed to empowering the survivors of GBV through agriculture. Ressa Organics is an agro-processing social enterprise that adds value to SuperFood Pumpkin into Flour, Seeds, Oil and feeds. My mission is to economically empower GBV survivors through value addition.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Kithinji Muriungi

Business Name: Bestilaya

Location: Nairobi County

The Pitch: “I am committed to transforming minds through SDGs 4, 10, and 17 through development of technological and sustainable solutions. Bestilaya provides hassle free platform for new or used books to local networked virtual libraries for hire, buy/sell, request, and exchange.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Najla Timimi

Business Name: Nunuz Creations

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “I am passionate about helping my fellow mums in my community to encourage our kids in the art of creativity as well as playing. My mission is to create non-toxic and eco-friendly products that will help support their kid’s development and learning in many areas.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Joseph Mjomba

Business Name: Fundi Link

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “My passion is to create solutions for our societies’ modern problems. Fundi Link offers digital solutions to fundi’s across the country to take their businesses online.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Rehema Wendo

Business Name: Buck N’ Doe

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “Buck N’ Doe is a state-of-the-art venture in agriculture where the people and the environment thrive. My mission is to promote sustainable agricultural practices to curb unemployment and protect the environment in Kenya.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Gerald Kyalo

Business Name: Motorah Furnitures

Location: Nairobi County

The Pitch: “Motarah Furnitures is an Ethical social enterprise that reduces environmental, social and Economic impacts by producing eco-friendly products in safe working conditions while also offering social, environmental and economic related education at the grassroots levels.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Lucy Wangari

Business Name: Onion Doctor

Location: Kajiado County

The Pitch: “I am passionate about creating wealth, gainful employment and production of safe food to my community through agriculture. Onion Doctor is an agribusiness company that transforms semi-arid lands into climate smart farms to produce food, create wealth and employment opportunities.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Saidi Kombo

Business Name: Fahaji Poultry Supply

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “I am passionate about healthy living, and I believe people should not travel far for things they can grow. My mission is to have sustainable sources of indigenous farm products in every house hold.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Jedida Kimanthi

Business Name: Vikara Hub

Location: Kilifi County

The Pitch: “I am passionate about scaling up small scale chicken farming through agri-business education. My venture is a mobile application that will make agricultural education accessible to farmers.”

Entrepreneur’s Name: Eric Pundo

Business Name: Green & Clean Bio Solution

Location: Nairobi County

The Pitch: “My passion is to create opportunities for youth and embrace a green environment free from pollution.”

These enterprising young leaders stir our ambitions for the future. We are proud to invest in their continued and significant successes. In return for our investment, it is our aim that they will mobilise more resources and inspire change to solve our local and global challenges.

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