Meet the 2021 Class of the Governors Startup Challenge!

After an intense three months’ recruitment process that attracted 190 applications from over 15 counties in Kenya, Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI) is excited to announce the 10 Finalist for the 2021 Governors Startup Challenge. Meet these inspiring social entrepreneurs, innovators and problem solvers from around the coast region of Kenya.

These young entrepreneurs represent some of the best and brightest startups in Kenya and they have what it takes to solve the world’s most pressing issues. They take nothing for granted and pursue big ambitions.

Entrepreneur's Name: Biasha Zito

Business Name: Ahjar Enterprises

Location: Kwale County

The Pitch: "I am passionate about minerals and precious stones value addition. Ahjar Enterprises is a jewellery company that manufactures jewellery from low quality gemstones, quartz, mica and pyrite from artisanal miners. My mission is to promote a ready and fair market to sell the products of artisanal miners."

Entrepreneur's Name: Franklin Mwilo

Business Name: SaggaSouth Jeans and Fashion School

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: "I am committed to make urban youth from my community become prominent fashion designers. SaggaSouth is a clothing brand committed to make the world a better place by designing clothing brands for phenomenal people."

Entrepreneur's Name: Thueba Hussein

Business Name: Almaery Focus Ltd

Location: Kilifi County

The Pitch: "I am passionate about helping my fellow youth in Africa to conveniently access resources and products that will accelerate their adoption of digital transformation. My mission is to provide a platform for youth to fully utilize the opportunities offered by the global digital space."

Entrepreneur's Name: Nesphory Mwambai

Business Name: Organic Ilemba Ltd

Location: Taita Taveta County

The Pitch: "I aspire to transform the food industry into a healthy, transparent, sustainable and secure food system that promotes the health of humans and environment. My mission is to further organic and sustainable agriculture across the regions."

Entrepreneur's Name: Nancy Muchiri

Business Name: Tedy Bakers

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “I am committed to youth empowerment through equipping young people with skills and challenging young minds to be innovative and embrace technology. Tedy Bakers seeks to improve the baking technology and provide healthy baked products.”

Entrepreneur's Name: Victor Nyamawi

Business Name: Business Doers Investments

Location: Kilifi County

The Pitch: “Agriculture isn’t just a way of life but a business and youth agripreneurship is the pillar to Bottom-Up economy achievement? My mission is to promote sustainable agricultural practices, strengthen markets and protect the environment in rural Africa by providing excellent nutrient feed for livestock.”

Entrepreneur's Name: Demitila Nabwire

Business Name: Garments of Love

Location: Nairobi County

The Pitch: “I am passionate about sustainable fashion. My venture, Garments of Love, aims to conserve the environment through responsible production.”

Entrepreneur's Name: Amwoka Edwin

Business Name: Zima Electronics

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “I am passionate about Coding and electronics fabrication. My venture, Zima Electronics, aims to create electronic solutions to address the problems in the society.”

Entrepreneur's Name: Farwata Said

Business Name: Farwat Tasty Products

Location: Mombasa County

The Pitch: “I am committed to providing healthy and tasty food products for my community. My venture, Farwat Tasty Products is a healthy food company which produces healthy food products.”

Entrepreneur's Name: Faith Kathikazi

Business Name: Sayari Healthy Farms

Location: Tana River County

The Pitch: “I aim to ensure food security in Tana River County. My venture dehydrates highly nutritious and perishable food to ensure that there is a constant supply of healthy food in the region. My mission is to make a living and make a positive impact in the society.”

These enterprising young leaders stir our ambitions for the future. We are proud to invest in their continued and significant successes. In return for our investment, it is our aim that they will mobilise more resources and inspire change to solve our local and global challenges.

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