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Meet Queentah, founder of Ressa Organics, empowering GBV survivors through pumpkin value addition.

2022 Governors Startup Challenge Finalist, Queentah Wambulwa is empowering survivors of gender based violence through her business, Ressa Organics, an agro processing social enterprise that adds value on Pumpkin into gluten free flour, roasted seeds, seed oil and animal feeds.

What is the story behind starting your business /ideas?

Ressa Organics is an agro processing social Enterprise that adds value on Pumpkin into Gluten Free Flour, roasted seeds (different flavours) Seed oil and Animal Feeds .This idea came after realising that a lot of gender based violence survivors still went back to their abusers because of high dependency. The idea was to provide these women with seedlings and pesticide and also offer them a ready market after harvesting. As of now, we are on our pilot farm with existing pumpkins that will mature in the next 4 months.

What is unique about your business and what service or solution does it offer

What’s unique about my business is the fact that we address social impact through providing descent jobs to survivors of gender-based violence and at the same time pumpkin is highly nutritious and has profits. The pumpkin flour health benefits are; gluten free, helps in losing weight, better immunity, blood pressure, lowers risk of cancer. The pumpkin seeds can be used in treatment of depression and anxiety because they have tryptophan an amino acid that helps in production of serotonin hormone that is responsible for the feelings of wellbeing and mood stabilisation.

How does your business help the community around you?

Ressa Organics provides sustainable income to survivors of gender based violence by offering them a ready market for their pumpkins while also offering them jobs to work on the pumpkin processing plant.

The women working on the farm have become great climate change activists by planting pumpkins to enhance the green environment.

What challenges have you experienced since you started your business?