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The 3 Sciences of Happiness in Life!

If you love what you do, however, then mostly you will live a happy life.

I do not know about you, but what I am seeking in life is happiness. I've gone through tough times in my life which made me sad, discouraged and at times, cry. However, I've also gone through times in my life where I've experienced so much joy which made me want to live more. The happiness feeling is one great experience and sure that's what I'm seeking in my life.

Life is too short and time flies; we are past the half way line of the year and it felt like yesterday when we ushered in the New Year. Are there experiences you have made throughout the first half of the year that made you happy? Are you currently in a job that makes you happy? A relationship that makes you happy? Or even studying, learning or doing things that make you happy?

It will be painful to live so many years in your life only to notice that you never had a life or the years never gave you meaning.

A while ago, I was privileged to be in a meeting in Mombasa whereby a great man in the logistics industry called Issa Baluch was facilitating. It was an honor and life transforming. He introduced to me something called, "The Science of Happiness" and in that, He shared with me 3 things which makes the life of an individual a happy one. These are;

1) YOUR JOB In order to live a happy life, you must enjoy the job you are doing and love your job. A lot of people are in jobs that they do not like and thus the lack of passion makes them lack fulfillment from it to the extent that they feel forced to work and this may lead to a lot of negative effects. If you love what you do however, then mostly you will live a happy life.


I've come to realize that the person you marry will either make you the happiest person in the world or very sad indeed. Therefore, for single people like me, let's take time and know what exactly we want in a person for marriage. It plays a big role in our life's happiness as well.


This point is very key. Worship influences your happiness. Realizing that God has kept you as a steward for all he has given you and you believe in him and praise him recognizing where you came from in life and appreciating his goodness really does influence our happiness.

We therefore need to dare ourselves so as to measure our choices and see if the end results will truly make us happy or sad at last. Dare to be happy! Apply the science of happiness.

Charles Msilanga is the Director of Administration at YEPI and sought after Motivational and Public Speaker.