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The Governors Startup Challenge is a flagship program of Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI), designed to help young entrepreneurs to learn, design and earn by building sustainable businesses while at the same time developing new solutions to community challenges. 


GSC promotes an entrepreneurship ecosystem and develops innovative, tailor-made approaches to scale and support youth enterprises that addresses Environmental issues, Education, Health, Blue Economy and others. Through the program, early-stage entrepreneurs receive training to launch or scale their venture, are mentored by world-class mentors and join a strong network of change-makers and social entrepreneurs committed to solving the world’s greatest challenges.​​ The Benefits include;

  • Equity funding of up to Ksh. 100,000.

  • 7 days entrepreneurship boot camp.

  • Mentorship, access to networks and business resources.

  • Opportunity to pitch to investors and local business leaders.


SEED - Social Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development

The SEED Program equips young people with entrepreneurship skills, support and strength to take their businesses/ideas to the next step. The first phase is entrepreneurship training, the second  phase is the mentorship program and the final phase is pitching to investors and local business leaders for support or feedback.​ The benefits include;

  • Simplified and easy to implement entrepreneurship training.

  • Completion of a written and actionable Business Plan.

  • One-on-one / virtual mentorship and business development

  • Networking & creating lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs.

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STAMP – Students Talent AND LEADERSHIP Management Program

Kenyan Schools aren’t offering enough opportunities for students to develop skills and talents. Even though students are interested in developing their talents, they often don’t pursue them for a career due to lack of access to information, mentorship and career guidance skills.


YEPI-STALMP program will foster networks and build partnerships with parents, teachers, students, government and other stakeholders to promote the development of education through STALMP hence making talent and other skills accessible to all students especially those with low grades but highly talented in other areas.

STALMP, with its slogan of stamping the student’s talents will nature the lost opportunities in our students.

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The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Kenya, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Embassy Kenya and implemented by Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI), is a program supporting the development of women entrepreneurs in Kenya.

AWE provides women entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and networks needed to start and scale successful businesses. Through AWE, women entrepreneurs participate in a facilitated online entrepreneurship program supplemented with localised content, as well as networking and mentorship opportunities.


AWE was developed to support the White House-led Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative, which is designed to empower women worldwide to fulfill their economic potential, creating conditions for increased stability, security, and prosperity for all.