Meet our Entrepreneurs

We nature and develop young entrepreneurs every day.

The participants in our programs are all founders or co-founders of businesses or projects
that address social issues in Kenya.


Our programs are designed to help them accelerate their
businesses so that their innovative ideas can grow into high-impact solutions to the world’s
social and environmental problems.


On this page, you will find the profiles of our current participants and our alumni.


If you have any
questions or if you would like to get in touch with one of the entrepreneurs, kindly click here.

Khadija Abdalla 

Founder, Hami Cup Cakes

Hami Foods is a company that makes cupcake for maliliew and weddings and she also teaches and mentors young girls in Mombasa on how to bake. She won the first YEPI Pitching competition in the year 2016

Polucare Cleaners is an environmental company that is concerned with hygiene and cleanliness of Mombasa County. They offer cleaning services, garbage collection, gardening and landscaping.

Irene Ikarede
Founder, Akimaa Africa

Akimaa Africa is an agro processing company that innovates highly nutritious millet based
products using the locally available raw food materials sourced within the Teso Community in
the rural Busia County.

Mukhtar Salim
Cofounder, Crablinks

Crablinks is an IT Company that focuses on website design and cyber security.

Mike Kiwo 

Founder, Polucare Cleaners

Modiire Art. is a company that creates employment and community awareness through printing and drawing. 

Bersel House of Ankara a fashion and design company that promotes recycling by making unique and modest African dress code out of used clothes.

Fahari Drops is a company that seeks to provide water solutions from purified and sparkling water.

Peggie Ruwa

Founder, Rika Africa Creatives

Rika Afrika  Creative  is an affordable brand that focusses on African made apparel, accessories, beaded shoes and interior deco.

Mohamed Ruwa

Co-Founder & CEO, Fahari Drops Enterprise

Bernice Zoka

Founder, Bersel House of Ankara

Mohamed Modire

Founder, Modire Art Creatives