Our History

Enabling Economic Opportunities for Youth and Women.

Youth empowerment program initiative (YEPI) was founded in 2014 by a handful of dedicated youth volunteers in order to empower and transform young people aged 16 – 35 who are most at risk for unemployment, poverty and violent extremism in Mombasa, Kenya.


The need came out of research; Coastal Kenya has a youth population of over 1.1 million that comes with high energy, innovation, creativity and talents. However, there is an acute shortage of decent job opportunities and current provision of entrepreneurship support to enable youth gain relevant skills and access employment opportunities is insufficient.


Youth Unemployment averages 50%, over double the 21% national average. This state disturbs Mombasa County politically, economically and socially which leads in crime, poverty, drug abuse and violent extremism.


How do we unlock the full potential of young-sustainable enterprises? How can we support, finance and scale promising business models that successfully contribute to an inclusive economic growth?

In bridging this gap, YEPI enables opportunities for youth and women in Mombasa. With a focus on local business context, we mentor, educate, and teach young people entrepreneurship, leadership and environmental conservation.



Enabling economic opportunities for young people.

To build a sustainable organization for empowering young people to inspire change in their community.


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Meet The Team

Amani Katana


Executive Director

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Biabu Shaffi

Deputy Executive Director 

Director Finance

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Levina Ocholla

Director Alumni

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Muli John

Director Programs

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Musa Wangalwa

Deputy Director Programs

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Charles Msilanga

Director Administration  & Communication

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Naomi Kerubo

Deputy Director Finance

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Michael Maganga

Director Monitoring & Evaluation

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Jonas Bashige

Director IT

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